The Patriot Brand

A new brand of home appliances that capitalizes on all the knowledge gathered by the brand Drean over the years. There are simple and reliable products that incorporate state-of-the-art technologies to manufacturing and design, directed to the non-centrifugal washing machines users, with a wide support including over 150 Technical Support Centers and the support of the Drean brand, an unquestioned leader in the laundry industry.

Short History of the Brand


The brand is registered.


It is applied as a substitute of the brand Drean to the line of vertical axis non centrifugal washing machines. The line consists of round 535 and square 475 cabinet washing machines, versions S (standard), B (with drain pump) and A (7 automatic washing and rinsing programs.)


Patriot 414 is launched in the market, an automatic European System automatic washing machine with 14 washing programs, drying and 400 rpm.


It is the market leading brand for non-centrifugal washing machines.


Restyling of 535 and 475 lines, which are now called 54RS (Standard Round), 54CS (Standard Square), 54CB (Square with Pump) and 57CA (Automatic Square).


Patriot 515 is launched. New looks, electronic command, 500 rpm spin, washing capacity of 5 kg.